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PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:02 pm
I have a D8b and hdr for sale. It is working, but i have to mess around with it to come up. I keep getting code43 on it but can bypass and do a safe load on it. I have a flight case for the board. Have monitors for both, 5.1 os. Keyboard, mouse for both. I have 15 M90 hard drives. Light pipe connections. 2mfx and 2 ufx cards. I have used this unit for about 10 years with no issues. I am getting out of the recording business. I live in Indiana but can meet in any surrounding states. Can provide pictures upon request. You can contact me at bkbannon3@yahoo.com or 812-756-1791. I also have tons of preamps, compressors, patchbays. Any interest let me know. Will sale for a reasonable price to interested party. Thanks Brian

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