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OMG it's been so long since the Mackie Forum days. And I see there is still a very vibrant community.
I have switched to Protools HDX a while ago and I only use one MDR as a backup recorder for on location recordings.

So obviously I have stuff to go and I am willing to let it go for coins. It served me well, the community served me well, I made friemnds in the process so it's payback time.

1. Two HDR2448 ( I think one is a Hackie if I remember well)
2. Several cards AIO8 or OPT8
3. OPT24 Card (somebody here already requested so he is first if he wants it)
4. Remote 24
5. Gazillions of Lian Li RH58 Trays with different drives.
6. A Firewire Tower equipped with 4(or 5 ) Lian Li Trays.

Mind you that I am located in Yurp so consider the shipping. :)

info@audio.lu is my preferred way of communicating.



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