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D8Bridge and Studio One

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D8Bridge and Studio One

Postby frama78 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:56 pm

Hi there,

I´ve connected all correctly; most everything works,but my biggest problem is, that i can scroll my Bank L/R, Channel L/R and Fader Flip ONLY on MCU1 up and down. it does´t matter if i dial mcu2 or three with the view-buttons; only the first 8 faders can bechanged. mcu2&3 only show the status of the first 8 channels! they can´t be changed up/down

what did i wrong? as i saied, i´ve connected it as it´s showed in the manual-PDF:

MCU1 in 5/ out 6 (midiyoke)
MCU2 in 3/ out 4
MCU3 in 1/ out 2

MCU1 in 2 /out 1
MCU2 in 4 /out 3
MCU3 in 6 /out 5
COM is in my case COM3

once again in simple: what ca i do to use the D8B´s 24 faders to control 24 DAW-channels? :?
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