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Mac and D8Bridge - New Idea!

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Mac and D8Bridge - New Idea!

Postby frama78 » Wed May 07, 2014 2:24 pm

One silly thought on D8Bridge V1.1

I do have V1.1 and it just works just fine with my PC and Studio One V2. But I´ve moved to a Mac so I can´t use it anymore (until V2 comes out in...2016? ;-) )

Anyway. Wouldn´t it be possible to link a PC and Mac together and run may S1 on both the Mac AND the PC simultaniously? I should can run D8Bridge this way? Or am I wrong?

I think, I´ve seen such a setup somewhere.... A Guy who makes TV-Stuff runs his DAW for composing on one machine and the film-stuff runs on a seperate computer.
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Re: Mac and D8Bridge - New Idea!

Postby brucerothwell » Wed Jun 11, 2014 7:38 pm

You might be speaking of the Vienna Symphonic Library -- a music software and sample library.

A component of that is "VIENNA ENSEMBLE -- a free mixing and host software that is automatically installed with Vienna Instruments". It is "stand-alone application, ideal for running your Vienna Instruments Software on external Macs and PCs: 8 ports with 16 MIDI channels each".

For intensely complex productions, especially when computers weren't as powerful as they were today, this was a crucial and beneficial feature.
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Re: Mac and D8Bridge - New Idea!

Postby trice001 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:20 am

You needn't stress, be that as it may. Apple has tuned in to its clients and tended to their worries. Changing from a PC to a Mac is not a gamble; it's a smooth move to a responsive and intense PC. A Mac is easy to utilize in light of the fact that Apple has outlined its applications to work likewise. When you get comfortable with the Mac OS X working framework, everything becomes alright. Maybe the most essential part of changing to any new PC is the relocation of your documents from one to the next. These records may incorporate archives, music, and photographs, however it doesn't generally make a difference what they are: your Mac will consequently perceive every one of them. You have various approaches to exchange your records. You can duplicate everything on your PC to a USB or FireWire hard drive, interface the hard drive to the Mac, and download utilize your neighborhood system to exchange the documents copy the records to a CD or DVD on the PC, put this in your Mac and download send the documents to your Mac by means of your email account.
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