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Clear CMOS

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Clear CMOS

Postby Blastin » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:31 am

CMOS Mackie HDR.JPG (Array KiB) Viewed 116 times
The part I'm having problems with is where to correctly move the jumper, I've attached photo from page 33 in the Last Mackie Hard Disk Recorder. But the photo only shows the jumper, can anyone interpret what is being said,
"Move the jumper to its alternate position, connecting the two pins toward the battery."
"Leave it for about ten minutes, then return the jumper its original position."
When I try to power down the power on/off button is stuck in the "on" position.
Any help would be appreciated.

Clearing the CMOS Settings – Starting From Scratch
On rare occasions, the CMOS memory can become sufficiently scrambled that
the CPU won’t boot at all. Assuming that the BIOS chip itself hasn’t failed, it can
be reset to standard defaults. This will allow the CPU to boot, Then you can
access the CMOS setup menu and make the necessary changes.
The CMOS will revert to its default
settings if you disconnect power
from the recorder, remove the CPU
battery (Page 42), and let it rest
overnight. But there’s a quicker
The CLEAR CMOS jumper is an emergency re
covery feature, put there primarily
to bail you out if you’ve configured the BIOS to require a password before
changing the CMOS settings and you’ve forgotten the password, but it also
works to recover from certain mysterious disasters. Locate the CLEAR CMOS
jumper on the motherboard, between the battery and the BIOS chip. There are
three pins on the motherboard associated with this jumper. In its normal position,
the jumper connects the two pins nearest the BIOS chip. You’ll see the third pin
open next to the jumper.
Unplug the power cord from the recorder and open the case (page 47). Move the
jumper to its alternate position, connecting the two pins toward the battery. Leave
it for about ten minutes, then return the jumper its original position. If everything
else is healthy, when powered up, the recorder will boot, though you may be
asked to press F1 to load the defaults. If so, do it.
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Re: Clear CMOS

Postby Bruce Graham » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:32 am

Hi Blastin;

The jumper pins are made up of 3 pins in a row (side by side).

If you look at the jumper (the blue box) there is a pin to the right of the blue box. All you have to do is pull the jumper off, pulling straight up with a pair of needle nose pliers (be gentle), and move it so it covers the centre and right pin. It will be closer to the battery in this position. A pin to the left of the Jumper will be reviled. Once 10 minuets, or more, has passed, put the jumper back to it's original position. Should work. Note: You will be covering the Centre and the Right Pins, instead of the Centre and the left pins.

With regards to the "Stuck On" thing. My machine is setup, in the BIOS, so that you have to hold the power button for at least 5 seconds to power the machine off. This is covered in Mikes Book. It was recommended by make but I am not sure why other than it prevents inadvertently power the machine off. It does seem like a long time before the machine powers down. Your machine may be in this same mode.

Hope this helps.

Bruce Graham
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