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Capability for blind users

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Capability for blind users

Postby Heilbrunn » Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:24 pm

Hi. I have a HDR 24/96. Great unit. I am totally blind. to handle the various issues on the screen you have to be able to use mouse or keyboard. The problem is that I need some response e.g. through synthetic speech with a screen reader.
Does anyone know whether is is possible to install a screen reader, e.g. Jaws or w*indow Eyes or NVDA in order for me to be able to maneuvre from the screen with proper speech feedback?
thanks in advance.
John heilbrunn
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Re: Capability for blind users

Postby Bruce Graham » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:37 am

Hey John;

I have no idea if any of those can be installed and made to work, but I thought I'd tell you that I had a exchange student at a TV broadcaster I worked at and my boss asked me to teach him how to mix. He was totally blind. like yourself. I was doubtful as I figured how can you mix when you can see the meters, or know what fader you are on, or where the auxes where and on and on. But this guys got it and did a pretty good job all thins considered.

Although the Production team would not allow him to mix on air, as it was a nationally broadcast show, I was convinced that given some more time he could have done the show. Not sure where he is now but I have no doubt he's mixing stuff.

So my hat is off you you!

Wish I could help.

Bruce Graham
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